Redefine your place on the

Face of the Earth

Also known as SEO, this is a series of techniques and strategies that help your visitors find your company's website. Learn how Face of the Earth Media can help.

Your website is your business's face on the internet, so trust Face of the Earth Media to create one for your company that looks great and, most importantly, gets people to contact you.

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It's not enough for your business to just have a website...

You need to make sure your potential customers can find it!

Redefine your place on the Face of the Earth.

If you’re a small business owner, you know that a website is an essential part of your marketing budget. But in the age of Google, Bing, and other high powered search engines, simply having a website is not enough.  When someone searches on Google for your services, are you taking the necessary steps to make sure that your website will come up as a result in that search?

In the old days, the physical location of your business was extremely important.  Are you located on a busy street?  Is your sign high enough to be visible from far away?  Are you situated right on the road or down a long driveway?  All of these things mattered very much for one simple reason: If your customer base doesn’t know you’re there, they can’t do business with you!

The same is true on the Internet, but with one key difference: your position can change.  In fact, it can change a lot!

That’s where Face of the Earth Media comes in.

The process of doing work on your site to engineer it to the top of a search is called Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO.  Using the analogy above, not paying for SEO is the equivalent of choosing to put your business’s physical location about a mile off of the main road, and refusing to put a sign saying “Turn here for Bob’s Fence Company”.  If you don’t make any efforts to direct eyeballs towards your business, how will people know you’re there?

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