What does Face of the Earth Media do?

We provide small businesses with websites that are engineered to show up in Google searches. This is called Search Engine Optimization. For example, if you own a fence company, you want your website to show up on the first page when someone searches “fence company charlotte nc”. Face of the Earth Media builds websites that do just that.

  • Search Engine Optimization takes a bit of time, usually around 2-3 months, before you start to notice results (Google moves slowly) This is true for any SEO company, not just us!
  • Membership with Face of the Earth is monthly. Once per month, a low monthly fee will be due. Customers may cancel their membership at any time; aka no long term commitments
  • If Face of the Earth Media doesn’t feel that we can help somebody by building them a new website, we will tell them (Total transparency and honesty; not interested in taking somebody’s business if we can’t legitimately help them)

Things to keep in mind when referring people/businesses:

  • Good candidates
    • Anyone who needs a small to mid-sized website
    • small businesses who operate locally
    • Examples: General Contractors, Lawyers, Salon owners, Plumbers, HVAC contractors, brick and mortar store owners (bakery, clothing store, repair shop)
    • Businesses who seem to be nowhere to be found in a Google Search
  • Bad candidates
    • Large corporations
    • Websites that are already very prominent on Google
    • Companies with preexisting LARGE websites (20 pages or more)
    • People you talk to who say they are not interested

If you have any questions about whether or not somebody would be a good candidate for submission or a bad one, please send an email to or reach out on Facebook and simply ask.

Thanks and good luck!

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